Our Process

Understanding Your Leadership Needs – First we meet with your management team, and/or board members face-to-face. This enables all of us to fully understand the position, company culture and the vision for the perfect person for the role.

Defining the Position Specification – From these initial meetings, we develop a written position specification, description of the position’s responsibilities and prioritized qualifications. We also document the allure of the opportunity to the potential candidate which is crucial to attract the absolute best talent.

Custom Recruiting Plans for Fast Results – Next, AI Partners develops a custom recruiting plan for each search. In addition to the information you have provided, we take into consideration the competitive landscape, market studies and research, and then map out our strategy.

Research & Connections – Having clearly defined what we are looking for in an ideal candidate, we start our research and reach out to our network to get high quality referrals. We also use a number of the top research tools to identify candidates. And in the Southeast, no other executive search firm has the connections that AI Partners has including former candidates, industry executives, industry analysts, VC contacts and other trusted sources.

Initial Interviews – Our initial interview process is quite stringent – it is what ensures that you only spend the time seeing qualified, motivated candidates. AI Partners carefully screen each candidate, and then conduct in-depth interviews (at least one in person) and initial reference checks. The two overriding objectives of our initial interviews:

Candidate qualification – in terms of “fit” – cultural fit, hard and soft skills, compensation requirements and their willingness to seriously consider a new opportunity.

Sell the candidate – we feel it’s our job to start selling the position and your company. This approach makes all the difference in being able to deliver not only qualified…but motivated candidates.

Client Interviews – Next, AI Partners will present you the candidates that have passed our screening process. We’ll also make recommendations on how you can approach your interview process to efficiently, yet thoroughly evaluate the candidates. This can include suggesting people who should be involved in the interview process – both from within your company and outside resources (such as Board Members, venture capitalists or technical resources). At this stage, we recommend that you conduct final reference checks and can guide you on how to approach these checks so that you get a clear understanding of a candidate’s character, management style, motivation and personality.

Offer and Negotiation – The last step is crucial. And, if you like, we can assist with the offer and negotiation process. For example, we can help you structure your offer to ensure acceptance. We can deliver the actual offer and serve as an intermediary if negotiation is necessary. Because AI Partners is a third-party, we can objectively convey requests and requirements between your company and the candidate. You benefit from our negation experience and we keep the emotion out of it – resulting in a win-win for all.