John Greathouse, Partner, Rincon Venture Partners
His 5 part series on team building for a startup has incredible insights every entrepreneur should read. Read Part 1 here:

For Entrepreneurs
David Skok, General Partner, Matrix Partners
His posts on the Cost of Customer Acquisition should be required reading for every SaaS business.

David Cummings on Startups
David Cummings, Founder, Hannon Hill
Co-founder, Pardot (acquired by ExactTarget in 2012)
Co-founder, Clickscape (real estate technology), Rigor (web performance management), and SalesLoft (sales intelligence)
Realistic view of the early days at a startup from a local entrepreneur who has made a real impact on the Atlanta technology eco-system.

Wall Street Journal Venture Capital Dispatch
An inside look from VentureWire at high-tech start-ups and their investors.

Musings of a VC in New York. Written by Fred Wilson, a VC and principal of Union Square Ventures.

Written by our friend Ben Dyer, a serial entrepreneur. Ben moved to Texas recently from Atlanta and covers technology in both cities with an entrepreneur’s perspective.


Who: The A Method for Hiring, by Geoff Smart and Randy Street
The Interviewing process introduced in Topgrading fully defined with strong supporting research. Best interviewing process in print.

Emotional Intelligence: 10th Anniversary Edition by Daniel Goleman
Goleman makes a case for “emotional intelligence” being the strongest indicator of human success, more important than IQ. A tough read, but worth it.

The Practice of Management by Peter F. Drucker
First published in 1954, it is still the quintessential book on management theory.